Graphic faces flare and morph into one another to the rising rhythm of the music, which was played on found and recycled objects. The original charcoal drawings were made blindfolded by an artist collective.

Director: Tamás Patrovits
Year of production: 2015
Running time: 2’ 50”
Production companies: Reanimation Studio, Focus-Fox Studio Budapest
Producers: Tamás Patrovits, András Muhi, Gábor Ferenczy
Music: Bélaműhely Sound Art
Technique: Chalk on paper, 2D computer


– ANIMAFEST CYPRUS (international competition)
– INSOMNIA FESTIVAL, Russia (international competition)
– CONTRARTE AMARES, Portugal (main competition)
– ANIMASYROS, Greece (international panorama)
– KROK, Russia (international competition)
– NEW CHITOSE Airport International Animation Festival, Japan (international panorama)
– BALKANIMA, Serbia (international competition)
– TOFUZI, Georgia (international competition of experimental animations)
– GDANSK International Animation Festival (competition of experimental / impressionistic / contemoprary & video art)
– BANJALUKA, Bosnia and Herzegovina (main competition)
– ANIMATEKA, Slovenia (main competition)


Work In Progress – Faces

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